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    Datatronics Romoland, Inc.
    Datatronics Romoland, Inc., (DRI) is a world leader in custom magnetics, including custom transformers and custom inductors for electronic equipment supporting a wide range of mission-critical applications in aerospace, avionics, military, medical and telecommunications. Custom magnetics from DRI are found on many of today's most advanced military aircraft, satellites, missile systems, radio communications, night vision goggles, heart pacemakers and portable heart defibrillators. 
    Datatronic Distribution, Inc.
    Datatronic Distribution, Inc., (DDI) is a recognized leader in custom magnetics, including transformers and inductors for a wide range of commercial and industrial electronics, including power supplies, dc-dc converters, power filtering equipment, industrial controls, instrumentation, telecommunications and more. Custom magnetic components from DDI are commonly found in point-of-sale terminals, commercial lighting controls, automotive control systems and solar power generating stations.
    Innovative Power, Inc.
    IPI and its predecessor Cal Coil Magnetics have been in operation since 1954 specializing in custom magnetics. IPI develops heavy-duty, high-reliability magnetic components for applications in diverse industries, including aerospace, power generation, medical, audio and more. IPI manufactures some of the world’s largest magnetic component coils for high voltage applications. Its perfect layer coil winding technology provides the ultimate in coil winding precision for superior performance.
    Custom Magnetics Capabilities
    Our family of companies specializes in custom magnetics, but also manufactures standard off-the-shelf magnetic components. Our custom and standard products include:
    Air Core Inductors
     Air Core Inductors 
     Audio Transformers
     Ballast Transformers
     Constant Voltage Transformers
     Current Sense Transformers
     Custom Magnetics
     Distribution Transformers
      Ferro Resonant Transformers
     Fluid Sensors 
     Gate Drive Transformers
     High Frequency Inductors 
     High Voltage Controls
     High Voltage Transformers
     Isolation Transformers 
     MagLev Coils Medical Implantable Coils
     Mil-Std-1553 Data Bus Transformers
     Perfect Layer Coils 
     Audio Transformers
     Pickup Coils
     Position Sensors
     Pulse Transformers
     RF Wideband Transformers
     Shielded Inductors
     SMPS Transformers 
     Solenoid Coils
     Space & Satellite Magnetics 
     Speed Sensors
     Step/Control Transformers 
     Telecom Transformers 
     Telemetry Coils
     Three Phase Transformers
     Unshielded Inductors
    We are experts in custom design and the manufacture of micro miniature transformers utilizing wire as small as 56 AWG (.00049 inches, .012 mm) We also manufacture custom transformers with power ratings up to 1000 Watts and large heavy-duty custom transformers for industrial controls and electric power generation systems.
    The company’s businesses and/or facilities are qualified to some of the industry’s most demanding performance, environmental, manufacturing and quality standards for custom magnetics: 







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